The impact of volunteers – a shared learning event with Hub Cymru Africa

There were 13 participants



Jenny Pye from Bangor Fairtrade had a lot to offer as she had 3 volunteers at the same time from Hub Cymru Africa.

Bangor has a FT shop once a month and a coffee shop

They held weekly meetings with the students with action points, only a half hour zoom or meet-up but each student had their own responsibilities. A recruitment process was set up to target volunteers. There was also  an induction.

Lena Fritsch – volunteer from Germany and came to Cardiff 3 years ago. She wanted to learn new skills, meet new people and work with Hub Cymru Africa. Global learning is her passion. She is doing post-graduate studies in Environmental Management and wanted training opportunities.

For her being a volunteer was:

  • Source of inspiration
  • Gained confidence
  • Received lots of support

Kaden Rees- did a degree around the third world sector

Graduated and looking for roles as a volunteer, he is welsh speaking and wanted to improve his skills in website management. He has received and given lots of support and is now a trustee

The Volunteer Journey

On-line time-sheets

Exit interviews


I need a volunteer – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For the volunteers

Clear and realistic expectations

Set boundaries re tasks and responsibilities

Communication essential

Weekly catch-up

Work independently but keep feedback

Intro to everyone in the charity

Make them feel at home

Show appreciation

Training – give constructive feedback

Opportunities for personal development

Transferable skills

Team-work amongst volunteers

Division of tasks

Principles of Fairtrade

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