Making a difference

Nilufar Verjee ran the session and the guest speakers were:

  • Amy Morris, Waitrose
  • Sophie Loveday-Davies – Divine Chocolate
  • Sonndia Sally Outar – Fairtrade Africa

Amy Morris, Waitrose

First of all there are only 3 Waitrose in South Wales, Cowbridge, Cardiff and Abergavenny.

The people who shop at Waitrose are very keen on Fairtrade so Waitrose over invests in Fairtrade because the customers are engaged as the Fairtrade mark to them represents quality. Even the customers who shop on-line, 27% actively seek the Fairtrade Logo, particularly the coffee as they want to have quality coffee at home.

Their customers want Waitrose to set ethical standards and looking after the environment. They like to hear individual stories of farmers snd case studies of partners in Africa. They like to inspire their staff with Fairtrade as that makes them more involved .

Sophie Loveday-Davies, Divine Chocolate

Their theme is Fairness and Farmers

In 1997 a co-operative of Farmers in Ghana, 100,00, got together to set up their own chocolate company. They share in the profits, say how it is run and they all have a voice

They are re-launching the brand in the autumn and this will be very exciting for DIVINE

Sonndia Sally Outara – Fairtrade Africa

Struggle to make earnings with minimum wage and Fairtrade premium. Fairtrade makes a difference for cocoa growers. More consumers are engaged the more cocoa farmers are helped. More Fairtrade products and more income with the Fairtrade Premium. They want companies to support them.

They want success stories to stand up for them. If it is Fairtrade certified you know it is good.

Buying Fairtrade makes us feeling a part of the community in Africa. The impact on farmers is a real motivator.

Final comments

Amy Morris

When shopping don’t make a fast choice. Make a considered choice and vote with your wallet.

Sophie Loveday-Davies

We are a global community and producers are at the heart of successful communication

Sonndia Sally Outara

Please buy Fairtrade

Principles of Fairtrade

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