Llanelli now a Fairtrade Zone

I apologise for being late with the second blog. There has been a great deal going on with Fairtrade and we are now able to confirm that we have achieved Fairtrade Status as a Fairtrade Zone. This is a massive success for us in Llanelli. Why are we a Fairtrade Zone? Well, we are not able to be a Fairtrade town, which is the most famous name but you can have a Fairtrade village, county (Carmarthenshire), borough, town (Carmarthen) and Zone (Llanelli). Including Llanelli, there are 3 Fairtrade Zones in Wales. The constituency of Llanelli has 8 community councils, Kidwelly Town, Llanelli Town Council and a Rural council. We call on all these councils for their full support.

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First Fairtrade Llanelli Blog Wow!!!

I have been told that a Blog should consist of a couple of paragraphs and that I should write it on a regular basis and not forget. So from now on, my blog will be marked in my diary so I will never let you down. I do not want my blog to be serious all the time so now and then I will throw in the odd joke. Fairtrade is a serious subject but if we cannot laugh at ourselves, who are we?

I have often defined Fairtrade but I will do it again. It is when the money we pay for products gives producers enough to afford life’s essentials. It is also a little more than that. Our producers are farmers who are activists against climate change in our climate crisis. They do the most to protect the environment and they suffer the most with climate change as it affects their crops and so on. Their lifestyles are at a very basic level , forming co-operatives with other small –holdings and needing and getting the support of Fairtrade. All groups in this country are all volunteers trying to support these farmers and making people more aware of what Fairtrade is trying to do.

We also have a premium payment to help the co-operatives. This will pay the farmers for specific needs. So, for example, we have provided small basic maternity hospitals with one midwife. For the first time babies can be born in real beds instead of on the earth in a field. It really is as basic as that.

I will finish off today by saying that we should take small steps to support Fairtrade. We only need to think a little more when we shop and make one change for example, Fairtrade tea or coffee. It will not affect our wallet too much but the difference to our farmers will be extraordinary. Hey guys, take that step, THANKS. Enough for now. Goodbye until the next blog.

Principles of Fairtrade

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